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Flies can be a nuisance when buzzing around your premises in large numbers. Flies spread diseases because of their breeding and feeding habits. Bacteria and viruses where the fly usually feed on would get stuck on their mouth and footpads eventually spreading onto places they land including the unprotected food that you may eat. Flies will adjust movements to search air for the scents of foods. Once detected, they will fly in pattern of the strongest smell. During the daylight hours, fly movements are at peak. Flies will group when resting or feeding on a food source. Adult flies can live up to 30 days.

A wide range of diseases are spread including salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera and many more.

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Few flies in your premise may not necessarily mean there is an infestation.

Common signs of Fly infestation

1.  Maggots – These are flies in their larval stage and could indicate a potential breeding site on your property. You may notice maggots in waste areas and deteriorating foods.

2. Small clusters – Areas such as drainage channels and drains where accumulation of waste occurs. At ceilings, overhead structures, wall surfaces, around wet areas of sink should be monitored.

3. Sighting of flies – Regular sighting of flies around garbage, dump yards or waste disposal areas.

Truly Nolen Intelligent Fly Control Services is a comprehensive and follows Integrated Pest management service that will help you minimize fly infestation at your premise.

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