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In today’s time, people have started to socialize more and hence resulting in more frequent visit to food & beverage (F&B) establishments. With increasing visits, there is more public awareness about food quality, safety and health hazards. In case of sight of pest, it does not only spoil the customers experience and reputation of the restaurant but also poses a threat to food contamination.

The customers dining experience primarily comes from the quality of food and service, which ultimately leads to highest levels of hygiene during the food preparation. Pests such cockroaches, rodents and flies are carriers of diseases and pose threat to food safety and hygiene standards. Food-borne diseases include Salmonellosis and leptospirosis.

Any sighting of the pest whether dead or alive in a F&B space makes a lot of negative impact. This includes negative publicity through social media and blogs that damages the reputation of the restaurants. It is therefore critical to implement an Integrated Pest Management at the premise.

Common Pest found in Restaurants:

Restaurants and fast-food chains have perfect habitat conditions for these pests i.e., warm temperature, availability of food & water and shelter. With the availability of perfect conditions, the infestation levels of these pest start to increase. For the pest, it is now home but for the restaurant’s owners and managers, it will become menace.

With the Truly’s experience, we would be able to provide unique and customized solution to eradicate pests from your premise.

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