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Mosquitos are real menace and nuisance at your homes or in office space. Their bite leaves the skin with itchiness and rash. The irritation caused by the bites are very distressful particularly for children. The mosquito transmit a range of life threatening diseases. In India, the most prominent diseases are malaria, dengue, chikungunya and Japanese B encephalitis.

Mosquitos are mostly breeding on water bodies and are found in high humid areas. In the tropic region, the peak season of mosquito breeding falls into the summer when high temperatures fasten the reproductive cycle of mosquitos.

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Truly Mosquito Facts

Our mosquito management program implies on three zone protocol service:

1.  Green Zone: Focus on Mosquito harborage & breeding area.

2. Yellow Zone: Focus on Mosquito Entry Points.

3. Red Zone: Last Defense Line, Focus on Inside Mosquito Infestation.

With Truly Integrated Mosquito Control Service, we are able to control mosquito menace at your home and office effectively.


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