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Fumigation is a modern technique of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants, to suffocate the pest within. The unique characteristics and the great adaptability of fumigation technique, can provide effective, economical control where other forms of pest control are not feasible.

Fumigants are not be confused with smoke, which are solid particle in air or any aerosols or fogs which are liquid droplets. Smokes, mists, aerosols or fogs are not fumigants, as they are unable to diffuse and do not reach deep seated infestation of commodities or structure. Fumigants are gases which are toxic to target infestation. They act either as respiratory poison, or as suffocates in the cases of controlled or modified atmosphere.

We apply this fumigation technique to eradicate pests that infest, all types of goods, commodities, warehouse, processing factories etc.

Warehouse Fumigation

Warehouse fumigation involves fumigating the commodities either in loose conditions or packed in bags or other packing, stored in godowns, warehouses, storage which is stationary. Separate stacks are fumigated and then covered with plastic covers (tarpaulins) as having GSM as recommended by the Plant Protection and Quarantine Authority of India and making them gaslight by sealing them using sand snakes.

Target Pest

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