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At Truly, we understand the need for clean and hygiene practices to be maintained in the pharmaceutical industry. Pest control in pharmaceutical industry is of utmost important as any adulteration caused to the raw materials, medicines and equipment’s not only leads to business loss but also customer trust and product recall. As the highly regulated industry, we believe to carry out pest control in the most efficient way. The five steps of Truly care and Integrated Pest Management program ensures a complete professional protection to all your pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.

Pests in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing process has to be maintained at high standards with highest quality final product. Signs of pests in a pharmaceutical manufacturing site raises an alarm about the contamination of the product. High standards of service protocol and documentation have to be maintained in order to comply with stringent global norms of manufacturing.

With our global experience, the major pests found in the pharmaceutical manufacturing:

The pests in the manufacturing industry are eliminated with the implementation of IPM.

Guidelines and Regulations for Drug Manufacturing

The industry is driven through its stringent regulations emphasizing on using practices and processes ensuring high quality and safety on each step. It includes from delivery input to distribution of the final product without any kind of tempering.

The WHO has defined the guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) for the drug manufacturing sector and later on accepted and implemented as globalization increased and need for drugs also increased. Many countries subsequently developed more stringent  regulation including GMP’s and cover new technology and better practices.

Regulations of different countries

In addition, a pharmaceutical manufacturing needs to comply with certifications:

Factors of GMP’s

Good manufacturing practices forms a part of quality control measurement system. It includes:

Within Truly Elite Protection System (TEPS), all your pest control aspects will be our responsibility. With digital platform, you will have access to all required document at any point. With our reporting system, regulatory approvals will is easy to obtain & regulatory inspection cleared with ease.

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